Wednesday, July 1, 2009

6 months old

WOW...Emma is 6 months old...
We went Monday for her 6 mth check-up which included 3 vaccinations (2 shots and 1 oral). She did really well and only cried a little bit. She was really tired the next day and had a little bruise from one of the shots but has recovered well.
She weighs 15.14 lbs (which the dr says is in the 50th percentile) and is 26.5 inches (which the dr says is in the 75th percentile). We are starting baby food one time a day-but she doesn't like any flavor I give her so it's a challenge...

Grandma, Pop, and Aunt Leela came to visit us last week. We took Emma to the Shedd Aquarium and the Brookfield Zoo. Jason was off so he was able to come with us.
The day we went to the zoo was the hottest day of the year was sooo hot!
Emma loved to look at the animals but would've enjoyed the zoo more if it wasn't so hot.

The aquarium was nice (I was a little disappointed though...) and Emma liked to watch the fish swim around.

We had Emma's pictures taken while they were in town and the pictures turned out great! We got one of the pictures enlarged to go over the fireplace-I can't wait to get it framed and up!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Trip to Savannah

Emma and I spent 10 days in Savannah. We left for Savannah on Thursday May 21st then Jason joined us Thursday May 28th and we flew home together on May 31st.

Emma and I spent everyday with family and the end of the trip we were all exhausted but we had a GREAT time!! I don't remember Savannah being that HOT...and it was only in the 80's (lol). We got to spend time at the pool and I was even able to go out in the boat one day (Jason's mom watched Emma for me). Everyone loved seeing Emma and by the end of the week she was spoiled.

We were successful in pulling off the Suprise party for Jason's dad's 50th birthday! I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to suprise him...especially since I almost spilled the beans myself... He said he didn't want anything big so we had a "fake" party on Friday night for him (and me...our birthdays are one day apart) but we had the "real" party for him on Saturday night. We got him!!

We were also able to spend the day with Grandma (my mom) on her birthday! We took her out to dinner with family and friends.

It was a good week!! We have been home for a week now and we've gotten back to our routine...

Grandma, Pop, Aunt Leela and Uncle Chuck are coming up in a couple weeks to stay for the week. We are trying to plan out the week so we can get everything/everyone prepared.

And then a couple weeks after that we are headed back to Savannah for a suprise 50th Wedding Anniversary party for Jason's grandparents...

WHEW...We have a busy summer!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Emma's 4 month check-up

Emma's doctors appointment went well.
She is 25.5 inches tall and weighs 13.9 lbs.

She had to get the same vaccinations as last time (one given orally and two shots).
She only cried for a brief second then everything was back to normal...until 3 hours later...she threw-up (scared me to death! but this happens to 1 out of 50 babies-so the research says...). Luckily Jason was home because she soaked me and herself! She was very tired that night and didn't have much of an appetite (which happens to some babies after vaccinations) She was not quite herself for about 24-36 hours but now she's back to her active, happy self.

We are changing her formula and starting her on oatmeal (given with a spoon-messy) once a day in addition to her normal feedings. The doctor wants us to do this for a couple weeks then replace one of the normal feedings with oatmeal-after she gets used to this we can start her on baby fruits and veggies. We are doing this because (like her daddy when he was a baby) her stomach is not digesting all of the formula (meaning she spits up A LOT) so the doctor thinks the solid stuff will stay
down better.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Emma is 4 months old today...

I cannot believe how time is flying by!! Emma is 4 months old today.
She is getting so big and is learning lots of new things. She is almost
rolling over and she has started to grasp things.

She is sleeping really well at night!! She will sleep from 10/11pm to 5/6am
then she eats, stays up for about an hour and then goes back to sleep for 3/4 more hours. We are very lucky!! She doesn't sleep much throughout the day...we play play play!!

We have noticed that she has a very tender heart-if she hears another baby crying she gets's so sweet!!

She has a doctor's appointment on Friday (more shots...ugggh). I will let you know how that goes and exactly how big she has gotten.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We had a great Easter!

The weekend started off with a phone call from Aunt Leela...guess who's pregnant?? YAY!! Aunt Leela is having a baby!! Saturday afternoon Emma and I dyed Easter eggs and we had a blast doing that together!!

Then Easter morning we showed Emma her Easter basket and the goodies the Easter Bunny left her...he even left her a note... Then off to Church-which was an awesome service!! Emma loves her Easter dress...actually she loves to put it in her mouth... After church we came home, I cooked dinner, we ate and then we relaxed!!

It was a great weekend and we have lots of pictures to prove it!
We hope you all had a great Easter as well.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Savannah Trip

We had a great time in Savannah this past weekend! It was Emma's first time meeting a lot of friends and family. And she got to see everyone she had already met again-she's changed so much since they last saw her.

We flew in Thursday night and the fun began right away.
Alishia and Andy came over early Friday morning-they were on their way out of town (they were going on a cruise...lucky them) Then we went into town and had pictures made with her cousins (an experience trying to get two babies and a 5 year old to look at the camera and smile at the same time...)

Friday night we had dinner at the ShellHouse for Jason's 30th birthday-poor Emma was so worn out from the day that she slept the entire time...and slept through the night (wow)

Saturday morning we visited Grandma's side of the family and then went to the Taylor's for a family luncheon. Saturday night we had a small dinner-Emma slept through this dinner as well...

Sunday morning we went to church (only stayed halfway through so we could eat lunch and get to the airport on time)...when we left the church everyone was crying (why hadn't they cried before when Jason and I left to come home????)

We ate lunch with immediate family and then off to the airport it was.
We got to the airport, fed Emma, and boarded our flight.

Emma did so good on both flights...she slept most of the time both ways!!

We will miss everyone but we will be back in a couple months!!

Thanks for making our trip a blast!!

Emma is 3 months old

I cannot believe that she is already three months old...Time is flying by!!
She is developing her own little habits and know exactly what to do to get attention. She does this fake cough thing when she wants someone to talk to her or pick her up. She is so sweet and has the prettiest smile.

We have also realized that she likes to bury her face when she goes to sleep. It doesn't have to be a special blanket or anything just something to bury her face in.
It works everytime...she goes right to sleep.

She also loves to play with her hair when she's tired. She does so many things that Jason and I did as babies (or so we are told...) For example, I used to play with my hair and Jason curled his toes and tucked his thumbs (like making a fist) - all of which she does now...

We are enjoying watching her grow and's amazing!!